48 Lang Street, Kuilsriver, Cape Town, 7580
Security Policy
  • No visitor may enter the school grounds during operating hours without identifying themselves by means of identity or drivers card. A copy of identification is made, and then only may the visitor enter the school premises under consistent supervision.
  • A copy of identification for each person collecting a learner must be submitted along with the registration form when a child is enrolled.
  • Should an unauthorised person try to collect a learner, the school will contact the parent, however, a penalty will be invoiced due to neglecting to inform the school and therefore violating our security policy.
  • Should the school be unable to get hold of a parent, the learner will not be allowed to leave the premises. The learner will remain on the school grounds under the supervision of a staff member until the parent has been contacted.
  • All learners are signed in and out of the school via a register system at the entrance.
  • Our classes and playing areas are monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras for security, safety and quality control by management.
What we have to offer
Your childs food.

We provide balanced and tasty home cooked meals. We provide a variety of dishes and have 4 summer and 4 winter menus.

Age Group Classes

Our groups are divided according to their age and do age appropriate activities daily.


Our unique whole child development programme for Toddlers and Pre- Grade R’s focuses on informal, fun learning through active play.

Asessment of your child.

We assess how well your child is doing. Progress reports are issued to all age groups at the end of each school term. Always encourage and praise your little ones for their efforts.

Extra Mural Activities

The school offers extra mural activities to learners on the premises, however at an additional cost which is payable directly to the extra mural service.

Safety is everything

Our learners’ safety is of utmost importance to us and therefore, we have a strict security policy in place.

Our expertise

Our trained staff is handpicked and academic audits are performed regularly to ensure a very high standard of education.


Want to come work for us? Please contact the manager of Kiddo Campus for more information

Well planned year

Our school has a very informative and exciting year planner which is circulated at the beginning of each year to help parents plan ahead.